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A Practical Guide to Getting Started with Xilinx SDSoC (2017.1 and 2017.4)

Using proven flows for SDSoC, the student will learn how to navigate SDSoC. Through hands-on labs, we will create a design for a provided platform and then also create a platform for the Avnet MiniZed. You will see how to accelerate an algorithm in the course lab. This experience should give you the background to assist you in developing custom platforms with custom algorithms, accelerated by SDSoC. The video presentations are based on SDx 2017.1 and there are hands-on labs for SDx 2017.1 and 2017.4.

Pre-requisite to working the labs:

A desktop or laptop with the Xilinx SDx 2017.1 or 2017.4, installed

Download the lab files and complete lab 0 prior to beginning the course

MiniZed development board and TE Connectivity HTU21D Pmod


Download Lab Files - Vivado 2017.1

Download Lab Files - Vivado 2017.4

Table of Contents

Chapter-1 SDSoC -- What, Why, Where? View
Chapter-2 Where do I start with SDSoC? View
Chapter-3 Platforms…what are they? View
Lab-1 Lab 1
Chapter-4 Hardware and Software platforms View
Lab-2 Lab 2
Chapter-5 SDSPFM tool, Creating MISC files View
Lab-3 Lab 3
Chapter-6 Information on basic HLS, Additional Resources View
Lab-4 Lab 4