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Integrated Software-Defined Radio on Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC

This course introduces wireless communication system design on the new Avnet Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC / AD9361 Software-Defined Radio Evaluation Kit featuring Analog Devices AD9361 single-chip RF agile transceiver. An IEEE 802.11 receiver example will demonstrate system-level simulation using MATLAB® and Simulink® modeling and code generation tools from MathWorks. Using the Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite, the system will be implemented for production showing the receiver detecting 802.11 beacon frames in a stand-alone system running UBUNTU desktop Linux on Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC. Presentations will alternate with instructor-led demos to illustrate coding techniques within MathWorks and Xilinx development tools for high-speed digital signal processing. 

Slides:  Integrated Software-Defined Radio on Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC 

Archive: Download Source Code and Design Files


Table of Contents

Chapter-1 Lecture & Demo 1: Introducing the Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC / AD9361 SDR Kit View
Chapter-2 Lecture & Demo 2: Xilinx Vivado® Support for Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC / AD9361 SDR Kit View
Chapter-3 Lecture & Demo 3: Model-Based Design for Wireless Communications View
Chapter-4 Lecture & Demo 4: Deploying Simulink® models with Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite View