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ZedBoard Pin Out

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Zaid Ahmad
ZedBoard Pin Out

Dear all,
I am using Zedboard to implemetn a communication system. My project lead has asked me to make a complete pinout of ZedBaord on MS Excel worksheet. I have used the hardware user guide and mapped all the pins mentioned in it. Now I have another document on zedboard schematics. I want to know, to implement the system, which pinouts i need to know and which I can ignore. Becasue, as much as I understand, the schematic shows the already made connection, while the hardware user guide focuses on the pinouts I need to understand and use.
The previous design is actually made for minized, while I am supposed to shift it to zedboard. zedboard all support/libraries are preloaded to Vivado. So What should I exactly do in this case?



We have a master constraint file available for your pin out exercise lcoated here

If your looking at changing a design from Minized to zedboard, you will need to start over in the design targeting the 7020 device on zedboard.

For all future educational support related requests please ask them over at the Digilent Support forum.