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ZedBoard and VITA Camera

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ZedBoard and VITA Camera

Hi Everyone,
I am currently working on connecting a VITA camera to ZedBoard through FMC. I am trying to go through this tutorial and try to build the hardware through the link below:
However, I can only download the PDF file and cannot find the source file anywhere. I have gone to AVNET website and try to find the source file from:
but all the files I downloaded only contain the BOOT image and a PDF tutorial. 
Does anyone know where to get the source files somewhere? I would really appreciate that.
I am using Vivado 2017.2 and the .tcl based design is not compatible with my current Vivado. So I need a tutorial for creating the block design by hand.
Thank you
Tiantai Deng 

When you are saying the TCL

When you are saying the TCL based design is not compatible, are you refer to it not being updated for Vivado 2017.2?