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Rev F-07 resetting problems

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Rev F-07 resetting problems

I refer to another forum entry describing a memory corruption problem that arrive between Rev F-06 and F-07. I tried to respond to that message, but the forum would not let me post. 
I was wondering if this problem has been resolved. We have approximately 90 of these boards and about 10-15% of them fail in much the same way as described. They run for a period (ranging from minutes to weeks) then reset. This is not acceptable to our customer and we have been working with them for some months now to try and resolve. A bad board may reset many times a minute, then come good and go for days or weeks. That makes it very hard to know whether a given board is good or bad. 
We have (at our expense) attempted to source some Rev G boards to see if that fixes our problem but as you can imagine, with the failure period so long and random, it is impossible to really know.
I would appreciate any support you can provide.

Hello dbbt,

Hello dbbt,

Please refer to your private messages.