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Microzed tutorials for 2017.4

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Microzed tutorials for 2017.4

I have Vivado 2017.4 and a MicroZed Z7020 board.  I wanted to run the MicroZed tutorials, but the latest versions available are for Vivado 2016.4, so I am trying them.  Tutorials 1-3 work fine, but there is an issue within the FSBL tutorial (#4).  On page 11 where I try to program the QSPI via Xilinx -> Program Flash, I get an error message in the Program Flash Memory window that says the FSBL file is mandatory with Zync devices.  The tutorial says nothing about this - the entry box for FSBL file is empty.  I could only find one .ELF file in my project directory and I tried using that, but then I got a console message saying that the programming attempt failed.  How do I get past this problem?

Hello jpfs,

Hello jpfs,

Looking at the Tutorial 04 document, when you created your boot partitions, was it similar to what is shown on page 7 figure 5 of the Tutorial 04 document? If it does not, then go back to page 6 and make sure you completed the step outlined in Step 1 where you make sure the Periph test was selected.

Did you complete Experiemnt 1 with any issues?

As you see on page 11 figure 10, the FSBL file was not required (It is grayed out), this was because the FSBL Elf was already one of the partition files in the Periph_Test.mcs file. You can see the FSBL partition by looking at  page 7 figure 5. Perhaps this has changed for VIvado 2017.4? I will go back tomorrow and try this application myself.

Any additional details would be helpful.