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Linux on Zynq, lab3_2 problem in creating the ko-module.

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Linux on Zynq, lab3_2 problem in creating the ko-module.


Lab Linux on Zynq, lab3_2, Step 10, page 9, doesn’t seem to work.

make ARCH=arm doesn't result as shown in the document.

I did: make distclean

Then I did: gedit .config.
This files doesn't seem to be there as a new file is created.
The .config file is now three lines, containing:
When I save and exit gedit, and give the make command again (make ARCH=arm) seems to start a complete reconfiguration process of the build process. And at the end the required module is not created.

Adding the 3 lines again to the new .config file doesn’t help either.

What goes wrong here?


RE: Linux on Zynq, lab3_2 problem in creating the ko-module.

Hi Technicolor,

When you run make distclean I believe that it is going to wipe out the existing .config file and much of the work that you did in the Lab 2.1 activities. This would explain why you now only have the 3 lines you added to your .config file.

You will need to delete that .config file you have with those three lines and revisit some of the activities from Lab 2.1 and re-issue the zynq defconfig as is done in Experiment 2, step 10:

make ARCH=arm xilinx_zynq_defconfig

Then peek inside the .patch file for that lab and see that there are two lines of your .config that need to be modified to accommodate the large RAMdisk size. You can use gedit to open .config and modify those to lines to this:


Then you should be able to rerun the make ARCH=arm command to build the kernel and the led-brightness.ko file.