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Hardware Platform Tutorial for Linux?

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Hardware Platform Tutorial for Linux?

I've been following document UG1144 (PetaLinux Tools Documentation & Reference Guide). I'm in the section "Creating Hardware Platform with Vivado" and it says the prerequisite is that I just know how to create a hardware platform in vivado for booting Linux on my MicroZed board.
The only instructional "aspect" in this section is they highlight the bare minimum hardware requirements your hardware platform should have which are the following.

  • One Triple Timer Counter (TTC)
  • External Memory Controller w/ at least 32MB of memory
  • UART for serial console
  • non-volatile memory
  • ethernet

I have no idea where to begin here in creating a platform with the above for booting linux. Is there a complete tutorial walking me through a basic hardware platform creation that is suitable for booting Linux?

Tutorial 01 Build the Zynq

Tutorial 01 Build the Zynq Hardware Platform at will walk you through that. For a more in-depth training, you could check the Developing Zynq Hardware (Vivado 2017.1 and 2017.4) course at That course is for MiniZed, but all the same principles apply.