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Advice on a great Petalinux tutorial for MicroZed

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Advice on a great Petalinux tutorial for MicroZed

I'm just starting out here with my MicroZed board. I'm initially walking through the "Creating a Hardware Design", and "Helloworld" tutorials first. Still have a little bit to go. However, these don't consist of running Linux. My understanding (CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG) is the "Helloworld" tutorial is a bare metal programming example.

I would like to start my next set of tutorials on PetaLinux because we use it quite frequently here at work. My board came with a micro SD card for pulsar linux which is a Wind River product. I may still walk through the tutorial for that as well but was hoping someone could point me to a tutorial involving PetaLinux.
I would like to follow a tutorial that can relate as close to the environment of which I'm using. I realize everyone uses a slightly different environment but if you have any suggestions on tutorials that would be friendly enough to following along it would be much appreciated.

My Environment
OS: Centos 7
Vivado 2018
MicroZed Board 7010 model

A good resource may be the

A good resource may be the MicroZed Chronicles.  Though eponymous to MicroZed they also cover other boards (e.g. MiniZed and Ultra96) and lots of other Zynq and Zynq MPSoC design topics.  I must admit many of the MicroZed topics are, unfortunately, a bit dated now.  The PetaLinux tools have changed quite a bit since then (2014) and now, so that may make it hard to follow them.  The "episodes" specific to PetaLinux on the MicroZed start at #53.

Another good resource may be the Speedway course materials we created for the MiniZed board.  This is also a Zynq-based dev board, and these tutorials use the more recent Vivado and PetaLinux 2017.4 tools:

Developing Zynq Software (Vivado 2017.1 and 2017.4)

Developing Zynq Hardware (Vivado 2017.1 and 2017.4)

Integrating Sensors on MiniZed with PetaLinux (2017.1 and 2017.4)

I hope this helps!