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Adding second SD Card to Zedboard PMOD

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Adding second SD Card to Zedboard PMOD

I am trying to add a second SD card P/N PMODSD (link at the bottom) to the Zedboard using one of the PMOD connectors. I know the SD card built into the Zedboard connects directly into the Processing System of the Zedboard and MIO connectors therefore does that mean to add in another SD card I would have to use the PMOD connected to the PS. Or can I use any of the four PMODs connected to the PL side of the Zedboard?

Secondly, if is possibly to add another SD card to the Zedboard, is there any downloadable configurations available already for an SPI communication PMOD? Is there any code available so I can just configure into my LINUX platform and connect directly to the PMOD SD card?,401,513&Prod=PM...

You can add a second SD Card

You can add a second SD Card interface to the ZedBoard using either the second SD Card controller in the Zynq PS (Processing System) or by adding an axi_quad_spi IP to the PL (Programmable Logic) section. You might be able to map the PS SPI controller SD1 signals to the ZedBoard PS PMOD interface (JE1), but you would have to make sure that no other functions you have enabled are using those MIO pins (the MIO interface is multiplexed). You can always direct the PS SD1 controller signals to one of the PL based PMOD interfaces via the EMIO pins. Or you could connect the axi_quad_spi interface to any of the PL based PMOD interfaces.
There is example 'bare metal' driver code in the SDK for either SD Card controller. Perhaps someone else can comment on the availability of Linux drivers for either of the SD Card controller options.

trouble connecting PModSD to Zynq PS

I can see how the Fixed SD Card is connected to the SDIO0 block in the PS using MIO pins 40-47. I would like to connected a second SD Card using the PModSD from Digilent (mentioned above) directly to the SDIO1 block in the PS by plugging it into the MIO PMOD (JE1).

I have come to the conclusion that Digilent's PModSD is not compatible with the MIO PMOD (JE1). Using JE1 and PModSD, the mappings are fixed (SD-func <-> PMod pin# <-> MIO#) but incorrect. For example, the SD-cmd is connected to PMod pin #2, which in turn connects to MIO_10. The only SDIO1 pin which MIO_10 connects to is IO-Bit0, but the SD-cmd signal needs to be connected to Command pin, which is only accessible through MIO_11.

I feel that I might be missing something, since this use-case seems fairly obvious. I I can see how I might connect the PModSD to the SDIO1 controller on the PS7 using EMIO and one of PMods connected to the PL. The reason I want to avoid this is that I am already short on PMod connections to the PL...

Seems you cross-posted this

Seems you cross-posted this in 2 places. Please don't do that. An answer is provided under your other post under ZedBoard Forum.